A better, faster borrowing experience for businesses

Millions of businesses across the country rely on commercial lenders for the funds they need to build and grow their businesses. Today, their borrowing experience is slow and incredibly painful because lenders don’t have the tools they need to process large volumes of complex documents online and at scale.

Able uses AI to streamline the commercial loan process. Our technology platform reads, understands, and organizes all of the information banks have about borrowers. As the loan process proceeds, Able keeps everyone up to date on the transaction and provides a collaborative space to answer any questions that may arise. It’s a much better experience. Loans close faster, and everyone spends less time on paperwork.

Who we are

Our founders, Diego Represas and Andrew Hurst, met while working at the startup Digit, a popular app that uses AI to automate saving. They’d seen firsthand how AI could simplify complex financial tasks and believed that they could apply what they’d learned at Digit to streamline commercial banking processes, such as loans.

Able was founded in 2020 in San Francisco. Today, the Able team includes a growing number of engineers, designers, product managers, data scientists, and machine learning experts from well-known technology companies.


Able is backed by Canapi Ventures and Human Capital.